This year has seen great things for Rah Petherbridge Art & photography. I have taken on some incredible jobs taking me all over the world, into some mind-boggling beautiful venues and meeting some truly inspired individuals. I've been up scaffolding towers capturing Perhaps contraption, over to Texas and Boston shooting Shitfaced Shakespeare, met some very insightful comedians at Hoopla and got to capture some forward-thinking theatre at Kensington Palace with Les Enfants Terribles. 

Myself and George Alexander Thompson have launched our new podcast Artists that work where we discuss our day to day as artists. George has also been by my side on most of these shoots which has added such a joy to shoots. Together we have set up a studio at my home The Avante Yarde in Croydon. 

There are huge things in store for 2020 and it wouldn't be so exciting if it wasn't for the support from my colleagues & clients tieing me to amazing projects. Thank you so much for your continued support. Please do continue spreading the word as that's how I keep making imagery to celebrate the arts.