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This is a selection of individuals I met over the past decade in various queer and alternative settings. This year they have all offered me glittering support as an artist and really demonstrate to me the importance of reaching out and encouraging others to create. I love that all of portraits these we're shot at my home studio as the joy had lingers for my family to enjoy. I belive the 4 element these individual's offer are vital to keep creating and encouraging others to express themselves. All the profits from these prints go to Gendered Intelligence

Vision, Determanation, Reinforcment & Support


raw grog-124.jpg


Porsche is a 29 year old performer, tutor + writer. I met herwhilst shooting Shotgun Carousel's show and immediately had that feeling you only really get in the playground when you want a soul to be your friend. She is ferociously calming and effortlessly cool. She brings great gusto to any photos I take of her. 

Porsche was one of my only headshots in 2020. This day filled me up with creative joy. A real feeling of flow was there. Flow is a great treasure for artists.  

Porsche is vision

©Rah Petherbridge Photography- January 2


George is a 31 year old illustrator and scenic artist. At the latter end of 2019 me and George started a podcast. We have worked together for years and we have always enjoyed talking pasionatly about why we do this thing we do.

Being an artist is tricky. We're in it for the long hall . George is an incredible illustrator and always a wonderful soul to have fill any room.

George is determination

©Rah Petherbridge Photography - Greengag


Rosie is a 33 year old drama teacher. She came into my life in 2020 and joined us at our family home. I caught this snap when we were having a spa day in lockdown. 

She teaches drama and is incredibly passionate about giving her students the tools to express their pain, anger, joy and memories without the restriction of language and academia.

Rosie is reinforcement.

©Rah Petherbridge Photography- Julez.jpg


Julian is a 44 year old IT production assistant (he prefares Office Monkey). He is also a life drawing model to a selction of artists.

He is one of the few friends I know with a proper salary. Having a 9-5 does not stop him giving so much of himself to the arts. Jules supported me and my projects. He has minded my son while I work, shared all my posts and him and his girlfriend Becky have always encouraged me to feel free in expression through general cross-dressing and dance. 

Julian is suppot.


These limited edition prints are for sale and the profits are being donated to my chosen charity gendered intelligence

This year has seen so many of my tribe become isolated and I would love to raise some funds to help support people and their families with gender issues. Gender issues have affected my friends and family and education is vital to avoid distressing people. This organisation are amazing at putting things into context for those that may feel confused. Gender issues have been shaken up over te past year and I'm hoping with the right support we can normalise the stigma for our trans and queer friends

click here to donate directly




In the past year, these 2 humans have become so poignant in my life. My father as he is in Ireland and I can't sit with him and my son because I'm so unsure what I've signed him up for by giving him life. When My Dad was born in the 40's life was pretty mapped out and small. He grew up on the northside of Dublin, went to school, kept the same friends, got a job kept that job for 30 years and now he is at peace and not scared of anything. My father is all-knowing.  


As his daughter born in the 80's life was bottomless with possibilities to be joyful. And I was happy. Several career lots of education, friends all over the planet, the internet for endless knowledge...


Then I had my son in 2016. Now we're in a global pandemic and he's missing knowing the serenity offered by my father to me. He has seen my growing general anxiety about the impending extinction I struggle to hide from him. I simply can't be calm about his future as I know and have seen too much to be certain about his safety on this planet. 


My son is playful and loving. He doesn't really have friends due to lockdown restrictions. He knows a great deal about how to correctly wash his hands. He loves his parents and the people he lives with. He is joyful. My son is unaware.

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