Over the past decade she has built a paticularly close repour with theatre companies Les Enfant Terrible (Alice's Adventures Underground) , Magnificent Bastard (Shitfaced Shakespeare) and Shotgun Carousel. Her influence can be clearly seen in these companies photography galleries and scenic painting styles


Her collaborative union with the National Trust has provided a rich historical archive in her body of work. Inspired by the history of art, she has polished her master painting skills with acclaimed scenic James Rowse.  

Whilst building a sparkling career Rah never fails to have her camera in hand to capture her journey leading to the captivating stories in her documentary diary which she relays with great heart and intamacy.


Irish artist Rah Petherbridge has risen to popularity in her industry as a photographer and fine art painter combination. Offering the ability to create theatrical and classical scenery and then to photograph these creations with her dramatic lighting style.


Based in the UK, her photography has appeared in The National Portrait Gallery, The Guardian, and British Vogue, among many others.

Her scenic design and painting not only includes bespoke backdrops present in her portraiture but her painting has appeared on TV and theatre, in several BBC, ITV & Channel 4 Productions, music videos, and west end theatre productions. 



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