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Artists That Work: The Podcast

Rah Petherbridge and her creative companion George Alexander, chat candidly about their day to day life creating art work and working in the creative industries. Talking one on one, or with special guest artists, they explore the ins and outs of the creative world from the inside out. The why, the how, and the hilarity of it all. With the odd cocktail thrown in for good measure...

Irish artist Rah Petherbridge has risen to popularity in her industry as both a photographer and a scenic painter.

Based in the UK, her photography has appeared in The Guardian,  The Stylist and Time out, among many others.


Her scenic design and painting have appeared on T.V and theatre from several BBC, ITV & Channel 4 Productions and numerous theatre and fringe productions. Rah has worked on well-known shows such as Alice's Adventures Underground, The Diary of Adrian Mole and Shitfaced Shakespeare.


Her collaborative union with the National Trust has provided a rich historical archive in her body of work. Inspired by the history of art, she has polished her master painting skills with acclaimed scenic James Rowse.  

Also under her belt is a long-standing relationship with progressive UK theatre companies Les Enfants Terribles, The Vaults in Waterloo, Shotgun Carousel and Magnificent Bastard.