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Boston 2019

A visit made to my dear pals in Somerville, Boston. Maria is a neuroscientist from the northside of Dublin like me and Lewis is a theatre-maker from the north of Scotland. They had just welcomed their son Leif into the world and it was the happiest time we have ever shared together.


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this great day

For a few years previous to this image Lewis and Maria had been trying to make a baby through IVF. I knew what IVF was and that people would use it for their infertility issues. But it was truly an eye-opening experience that these two experienced.

Maria in particular had a huge commitment to hormone injections, egg extractions, embryo transfer, failed tries, and almost ones. It was so hard to watch a pal grieve like this.

But there is Leif. A little one took and stayed for them. Meeting him felt so urgent without much thought to our finances we fly across the Atlantic to be there and see him.

I remember taking this photo as they posed for a Halloween snap with Leif. I wasn't sure if I would get to take this sort of photo for my friends but I did and here it is.



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the difference

Doctor Maria Ironside is a really different person. A brain scientist, with a performative streak that draws great people to be in her presence and squeeze every drop of fun out of any situation you're put in.

She can explain brain science to me in a way that I understand. Her work has seen her try and find better treatment for depression, tinnitus cure, and other pressing matters no human should have to live with. She is important to the health of this planet

Here she was shopping at a thrift store for a Halloween outfit. She makes everything about her into a joyful picture.




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hanging in thrift

Nothing beats shopping like this for us. This 2 storey store is full of treasures waiting to be loved again. As a group of friends we don't embarrass easily so playing in spaces like this is 2nd nature for us.

I instructed Marge, Baby Leif, John, my son Phoenix and Maria to "become the treasures" and watched them melt into the garments. We all chuckled and left with some great new things.

When I took these photos home and looked at them it didn't reflect the playhouse of treasures we had experienced. It looked bleak and poor. I think it's a shame your imagination isn't what gets captured cause reality isn't always as pretty as the day you make of it.




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able to shop

Just before we arrived in Boston I had fallen hard on both my knees in Lidl. I was on crutches and struggling to get about the place. So when we went to target John got me a mobility scooter to shop with.

It was huge in comparison to the UK equivalent. Everything was bigger in that shop. the food, the tills, the walls...

John had grabbed himself a small Coca-Cola which entertained him. He knew he was cute in this image and I love that about this.



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whoop daddy

 My son Phoenix here playing with his Dad in a little cafe in Boston. The lady that ran the place loved watching them play and giggle and brought Phoenix a snickerdoodle cookie so she could dote on him a while


None of us knew what a snickerdoodle was but loved all the American names and her charming Boston accent. I love been in America cause people are drawn to my Irish and husband's and son's English accents. I really love the warmth offered by Boston's people when we're there.

This is a happy moment.


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don't capture me

Lewis was a bit grumpy. We had popped into a little cafe for snacks and I wouldn't stop pestering him for photos. Lewis is a great performer and him not wanting his photo taken by me is a game we have played for a decade. 

I love the talent in performers to turn themselves into a character at every turn. This is why I follow performers for my whole life. The camera loves this great play that turns every place we go into a set and a story. Not just going for a coffee in an ordinary cafe in Boston.

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