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At the latter end of 2020, I found myself becoming a single mother.

Moving in the middle of lockdown was difficult and heartbreaking. My friends helped make it a home for me and my son. Myself and my pal George explain it better on our podcast. Listen in to find out a bit more about this part of my story.                    

©Rah Petherbridge Photography- Dalston H

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I picked up my camera

I found a new home. I needed to get basic furniture for my new accommodation. In a lockdown, there were no shops open so I went on eBay. This pink plush mid-century teak chair caught my eye. It's really nice. So I made a low offer and the seller agreed. 

This was the first day my son Phoenix came to see his new home with Mam. I'd tried to set out lots of familiar things and George brought new colouring pens to make art for the walls.


I sat there at the other end of the room and through the sadness and shock, I saw a picture. I'd not thought about taking a picture in weeks. So I went to my room, grabbed my camera and snapped that plush mid-century teak chair, in my new home, with a scene that can't be anything but simple peace to me. 


Image 2 & 3 :

he can't stay mad


My son wasn't getting his own way with George. He was in a huff and sulking on the table. As a parent, I tend not to get stressed when he's having a meltdown. I know making him laugh or changing the subject always brings him back to his fun self quite quickly. In this particular instance, it was George offering him a little finger boop that brought him round.

I love these captures. Just reminds me that I will come out of the rough moods and enjoy another day. Might not be today or tomorrow but soon. Children are an incredible tonic for hard times. They feel so freely where grown-ups get lost in the past or the future. I'm so glad I have him. 


©Rah Petherbridge Photography- Dalston H
©Rah Petherbridge Photography- Dalston H
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