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Let us Lockdown

A candid insight to the ways which my household entertained each other when we knew we had no place else to be


Image 2 of 7 : Rah Petherbridge in Red

 Myself pictured here next to the bin. We had just had a very fun time creating an obstacle course and there was flour and tape all over the place. 

John my husband asked to take my picture. and I was surprised how confident and strong I looked. I had forgotten myself in the chaos of the day and I love that this image captured the almost dystopian look we had created in our flurry of play. 


Image 3 of 7 : Thursday 8pm Thank you

 As most households did in lock down, we brought our pots and pans to the doorstep to make noise for those fighting an unknown illness on the front lines. It was such a release to howl into the community that we were there, together.

My housemate Awk is a silent clown. So he would stand there with his sign. Sending thanks in his own way. He looks so vulnerable here. I suppose he is.


Much like all artists at this time we didn't know where to put our art but we knew it still needed to happen. So this happened each Thursday at 8pm in lockdown


Image 4 of 7 : Art-House Massive

 Art-House massive was the name of a house I shared with a group of artists in Catford, South London circa 2009. It's not the name of this house. We called this one the Avante Yarde.

Art-house Massive sticks with me when moment like this are in front of me. Very anti-folk moments that could only ever belong to the people in them.


This moment was a great one. These 3 individuals were ready to create a brilliant day full of all the colors. 


Image 5 of 7 : Attractive ones


 A moment as my household tried to teach my son how to play ukulele. They were getting ready for our first photo shoot of our lockdown and their moods were so playful and kind.  

In the background you can see the flats at the back of our home. They can see us quite clearly a lot. I often wondered what they might think of our household with our bursts of theatre from time to time. 


Image 6 of 7 : He's in my Silly sites


 John Mitton wearing a balaclava knitted for us by a family friend. This image takes him seriously. A rainbow warrior and maker of mischief. 


Image 7 of 7 : This is a good memory


Having my son and watching him grow up is marvellous. I treasure so many things that have happened. Some like this I hope he remembers too. We had such a good time playing with walky talkies and sneaking up on people with our water pistols. 

Not every day is filled with color and creativity as much as this one. From the outside it looks rather bizarre and inexplicable. I love the theatre within this image in its suburban set.

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