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Hugginstown Kilkenny

I love going to Kilkenny. The people that inhabit it I have encountered know about living a good life and being free. I had a treat one day and got to see Calum's garden. Boasting an orchard, apricot tree.... a truly rich kind of folk here.


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she stole that honesty

The person that planted this honesty stole the mother plant from the garden of their childhood school principal. I can't imagine a better way to acquire honesty.



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this will be really nice

Calum took me to his greenhouse. It was quite humid and was growing many plants and trees that seemed exotic to me.

Everything meant something or was becoming something. He knew so much about each thing we looked at. Being in the presence of an encyclopedic mind is very awe-inspiring.



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these apples are not the best ones

There were bags of apples filling the shed. Really good apples that tasted better than any ones I'd ever had in Tesco. I think people like myself that have lived in cities for decades have an inflated adoration for rustic sacks and fruit straight from the tree.

I find it so beautiful. Even the ones Calum showed me that didn't make the sacks for eating or juicing. Next to his hard-working hands, they looked captivating to me.


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