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A fallen leaf...

I took this photo the last time I spoke to Dad in October 2021. He was ill but we had a lovely hour or so. He talked of his time and pride of his career as a prison officer at Mountjoy in Dublin and then he hummed Raglan Road. I can't speak to him anymore and that's a very obvious fact about death but it never fails to frustrate me. Regardless of whom I've lost or however long ago grief get's you like that. I love the peace in this picture, when I stood just outside his door to take it, that's all there was. Just peace.

27th of September 2021 - Dublin_-2.jpg

I Forgot.

I walked down a London park path,

I saw a massive bunch of early snowdrops, 

Really rare ones,

So perfect.

So early!

I was filled to the gills with plant geek joy,

Joy so big!

I just had to snap it in two and share it!

"I'll call him"

I know his number by heart



then I remembered.

He's not available o speak right now

not on the phone.

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